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Do you have bad credit and need a loan with monthly payments? If so let Landmark Cash ™ help you get money today!
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Loans for Bad Credit with Monthly Payments

Image of monthly loanIf you have bad credit you already know the feeling of rejection when applying for loans. It doesn't seem fair that because you don't have a perfect credit score, you can't get a loan. This is where Landmark Cash ™ excels. We specialize in helping people secure loans for bad credit with monthly payments.

Applying for bad credit personal loans on Landmark Cash ™ is a cinch. To get started complete the new express application and wait for a lender to contact you. Many times a direct lender will call you instantly. The terms of your loan will be negotiated before you accept it. You are not obligated to accept the loan if you're not happy with the rates. Most bad credit loans need to be repaid within 30 days. Some lenders may offer bad credit loans guaranteed approval, and you can speak to your lender directly about this.

When you apply for legit payday loans we recommend you repay your loan as quickly as possible. As with any debt the faster you pay it back, the less you will pay in interest. Loans for bad credit can be used however you wish, but please be responsible. Again we recommend you use loans for people with bad credit to pay bills or for emergencies. Taking out a loan to go shopping or for other recreational means is not a responsible decision.

List of states that allow bad credit loans with monthly payments:

If you feel a loan for bad credit with monthly payments is the right option for you it's time to apply. Our goal is to provide you with a safe environment to apply for low credit loans and find a direct lender. If you have any questions or concerns visit our faq page for more details.


We receive many questions about loans you can pay back monthly with bad credit and below are the most common answers.

Can you get a monthly loan with a bad credit score?

The quick answer is yes. If you have an excellent credit rating, any bank will offer you a personal loan with monthly payments. If your credit score is 550 or below a bad credit loan will be your best option. Bad credit loans, installment loans, and payday loans are all different terms for the same type of loan. Typically these loans need to paid back within one month, but some states may allow longer terms.

What are the best loans that allow monthly payments?

We would consider the best loan that offers monthly payments to be one with a low-interest rate. To get approved for this type of loan you need to have a tier 1 or 2 credit score. A tier 1 or excellent credit score would be 700 or above. Tier 2 or average credit score is 660 to 699. A credit score below 660 is tier 3 and considered poor. If you have tier 1 or tier 2 credit your best option is most likely a personal loan. If you have tier 3 credit then your best choice is to apply at Landmark Cash ™.

How can I get a loan that is repaid in installments?

As mentioned above installment loans and bad credit loans are the same. To get an installment loan, apply on Landmark Cash ™. The amount you're approved for depends on where you live, credit history and your current income. Some lenders require weekly installments while others require biweekly. The only way to find out the exact terms you will have is to apply as every loan is unique to your financial situation.