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Landmark Cash ™ will not charge you to apply for online payday loans. We do not lend you the money, rather refer you to lenders that suit your needs based on your application. Therefore, any fees, interest rates or costs associated with your loan are not within our control and can vary.

Fees and interest rates for loans for people with bad credit are typically higher than those associated with a traditional bank loan. The lender you are referred to will thoroughly explain the detail of your loan upon loan approval.

After we refer you to an online lender, make sure you review the detail of the loan agreement, including the amount, any fees, interest rates and other loan details. You will not be obligated to accept the terms of the loan unless you approve the agreement. We provide a payday loan referral service only.

Not all states allow payday loans. Below is a list of states that currently allow payday loans. We do our best to keep this list current but please perform your own due dillegance. Landmark Cash ™ will not be held responsible for inaccurate information on our website.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the loan terms and conditions, be sure to contact the lender. We do not claim any liability related to your loan application or any offers, terms or representations made by any lenders with which we may have referred you.

Thank you for your interest in our service. We appreciate your trust in us for your cash advance needs.