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If you have bad credit and need a guaranteed loan today you need to read this right now!
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Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval

Image of bad credit customerLet us apologize in advance because this probably isn't the news you wanted to hear. Any company that advertises bad credit loans with guaranteed approval is not being truthful. There is zero chance that a legitimate lender would ever offer a guaranteed loan. A lender would never assume the risk of offering a bad credit personal loan without reviewing your financial history. However, all hope is not lost because Landmark Cash ™ can help you.

While no lender offers a guaranteed loan for bad credit we can certainly increase the odds of you getting one. We specialize in connecting people who have bad credit with direct lenders who offer cash advance loans online. Our pool of bad credit loan lenders offer loans ranging from $100 to $1000. The amount you can borrow will depend on which state you live. You can click your state from the list below to see the exact terms for your state.

It takes approximately 3-5 minutes to complete our bad credit loan application online. Once you apply our proprietary matching system will search for a direct lender. If an instant match is found you could have your cash the same day. If an immediate match is not found a lender may contact you by telephone or email with further questions. We believe in being as transparent as possible and have your best interest in mind. Whichever company you decide to work with, please make sure you don't fall victim to the allure of a "guaranteed loan." It's a trap!

List of states that allow guaranteed loans for people with bad credit:

Great you're still here so we must be doing something right. If you're ready to apply Click Here to get your cash. If you still have questions or concerns please visit our faq resource.


On average we receive 150 emails every day with questions about guaranteed loans for bad credit. Below are the most frequently asked questions, and if you can't find your answer, please visit our faq page.

Can you get a loan with a credit score of 500?

The short answer is yes and websites like Landmark Cash ™ is your best option. If you have a credit score below 660 is will be difficult to borrow from a bank or credit union. A score under 660 falls into tier 3 which is considered poor credit. The good news is Landmark Cash ™ specializes in helping people who have bad credit get a loan.

How can I get a guaranteed loan with no credit check?

If a company advertises poor credit loans with guaranteed approval it's a scam. You will never find a lender that offers a loan without performing due diligence. For example, a lender will may run your credit or check your existing debt to make a calculated risk on how likely you are to make payments on time. A loan officer is here to make money just like any other business. If they don't think you can repay your debt, they won't offer you a loan.

How can I get a $5000 loan with no credit?

It's doubtful you will be able to get a loan of $5000 with no credit. However, we can assist you in getting a loan up to $1000 with no credit or low credit. If you're set on trying to get $5000, there are ways to increase your chances of being approved over time.

You could take out a secured credit card to build credit. A secured credit card is backed by money you put up front. For example, you could give the credit card company $1000, and they will limit your credit card spending to $1000. When it's time make a payment the CC company will use the $1000 you gave them to make payments. Using a secured CC in this manner will increase your score over time. The most important thing to remember when building or repairing your credit is to make your payments on time.