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Loans for People with Bad Credit

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Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit

Bad credit loans should be used as short term loans that you can repay easily. When you apply on Landmark Cash ™ you will have the opportunity to accept or reject the loan and review the terms.

The Truth in Lending Act makes sure you are protected during the application process. This law requires all lenders to disclose any associated fees and the interest rate of the loan being offered.

Typical reasons why personal loans for people with bad credit are sought after include emergencies, bills, car repairs and other unexpected situations. Landmark Cash ™ wants to make sure you fully understand that you will be responsible for repaying your loan. If you are late making a payment there is a possibility you will incur a penalty. If you abandon your loan payments your credit could be affected.

First time customers will not be able to borrower more than $1000 dollars at a time. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a job. You must make at least $1000 dollars every 31 days and have a checking account.

When you complete an application Landmark Cash ™ will match you with lenders that offer loans for bad credit. We are not bad credit personal loan lenders, we only provide a matching service. Most lenders offer same day loans which allows you to get your cash today.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans are Best Suited For:

How Do Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit Work?

How Can You Get a Loan with Bad Credit Online?

Loans for Bad Credit

What States Allow Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are governed by each state not on a federal level. This means each state decides if they will allow poor credit loans and the dollar amount. The map below defines each states stance on short term lending. Landmark Cash ™ does its best to keep the information below accurate but please perform your own due diligence.

PLEASE READ: If the state you live in does not allow bad credit loans you CAN still apply. You won't be approved for quick cash loans but there may be alternative funding options available.

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List of States Where Bad Credit Personal Loans Are Legal Online

Landmark Cash ™ will do its best to keep each states lending regulations up to date. States can change their terms without notice and by viewing this data you agree not to hold Landmark Cash ™ liable for any discrepancies.

State Bad Credit Lending Maximum Dollar Amount Length of Loan
Alabama (AL) Yes $500 31 days
Alaska (AK) Yes $500 14 days
Arizona (AZ) No
Arkansas (AR) No
California (CA) Yes $300 31 days
Colorado (CO) Yes $500 No maximum
Connecticut (CT) No
Delaware (DE) Yes $500 60 days
District of Columbia (DC) No
Florida (FL) Yes $500 31 days
Georgia (GA) No
Guam (GU) No
Hawaii (HI) Yes $600 32 days
Idaho (ID) Yes $1,000 No maximum
Illinois (IL) Yes $1,000 120 days
Indiana (IN) Yes $550 No maximum
Iowa (IA) Yes $500 31 days
Kansas (KS) Yes $500 30 days
Kentucky (KY) Yes $500 60 days
Louisiana (LA) Yes $350 30 days
Maine (ME) No
Maryland (MD) No
Massachusetts (MA) No
Michigan (MI) Yes $600 31 days
Minnesota (MN) Yes $350 30 days
Mississippi (MS) Yes $500 30 days
Missouri (MO) Yes $500 31 days
Montana (MT) Yes $300 No maximum
Nebraska (NE) Yes $500 34 days
Nevada (NV) Yes No maximum No maximum
New Hampshire (NH) Yes $500 30 days
New Jersey (NJ) No
New Mexico (NM) Yes $2,500 35 days
New York (NY) No
North Carolina (NC) No
North Dakota (ND) Yes $500 60 days
N. Mariana Islands (MP) No
Ohio (OH) Yes $500 No maximum
Oklahoma (OK) Yes $500 45 days
Oregon (OR) Yes No maximum No maximum
Pennsylvania (PA) No
Puerto Rico (PR) No
Rhode Island (RI) Yes $500 No maximum
South Carolina (SC) Yes $550 31 days
South Dakota (SD) Yes $500 No maximum
Tennessee (TN) Yes $500 31 days
Texas (TX) Yes No maximum 31 days
Utah (UT) Yes No maximum 70 days
Vermont (VT) No
Virginia (VA) Yes $500 No maximum
Virgin Islands (VI) No
Washington (WA) Yes $700 45 days
West Virginia (WV) No
Wisconsin (WI) Yes $1,500 90 days
Wyoming (WY) Yes No maximum One calendar month
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