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Learn what a direct payday lender is and how you can benefit from using Landmark Cash™ today.
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Direct Payday Lenders

Image of payday lender girlLearn why Landmark Cash™ is better than using a single direct payday lender online. If you visit a payday lending company in person, you will only be offered a loan from that company. The problem with this is you might not be approved. You only have one shot at securing a loan. When you use Landmark Cash™ you have a much higher chance of being approved because we work with over 50 lenders who offer direct deposit payday loans.

Here is an example why Landmark Cash™ is the best at getting you cheap payday loans from a direct payday lender. For example, you have bad credit and submit your application through our website. Lender (A) may not be able to offer you a loan but lender (B) can because he specializes in lending to people with poor credit. As you can see in this example, you are still receiving an instant payday loan from a direct lender. Using Landmark Cash™ should significantly increase your chances of securing a fast short-term loan from one of the top direct payday lenders.

So how do you get started, how long will it take and how much money can you get? Getting started is easy, complete the quick payday loan application online and you will typically receive an instant response. Once you complete the form, our proprietary matching system will compare the best same day lenders on the internet and find a match for you. The amount of your loan is dependent on your state. Every state has its laws on how much you are allowed to borrow. To find the specifics you can click on your state in the menu below.

List of states that allow direct payday loans:

As you can see using Landmark Cash™ to get a same day loan from a direct payday lender is your best option. It only makes sense to apply through our company to have the best odds possible of getting guaranteed payday loans from direct lenders. If you're tired of getting denied and getting the run around applying now is a no-brainer.


Do I need a checking account to get a loan from a payday lender?

If you have a checking account it's much easier to get approved for a payday loan. While some lenders will allow you to pick up your cash in person most require a checking account. There are several reasons why direct payday loan lenders prefer borrowers with checking accounts. First, the process is much quicker; it allows the lender to wire funds directly into your account the same day. Second, having a checking account is another layer of protection for the lender because it proves financial stability.

Does borrowing from a payday lender hurt my credit score?

Taking out any loan not just a payday loan has a double-edged sword effect on your credit. When you apply for a loan, usually a hard credit pull is performed. When a hard credit pull happens, your credit score will initially drop. This is completely normal and happens to everyone regardless of your credit score. Once you start making loan payments on time, this will have a positive effect on your credit score and increase it.

What is a no teletrack loan from a payday lender?

Teletrack is the system payday loan lenders use to track or check a borrowers (you) loan history. The lender can view all your previous payday loans and your repayment history. Lenders use this for several reasons. First, lenders use the Teletrack database to make sure you're a good borrower. Secondly, lenders will use the Teletrack database to prevent fraudulent borrowers. Some people try to use fake identities to take out payday loans and run off with the money.