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How to Save Money

Top 10 Money Saving Tips - Ways to Save Money

Watch for Sales

Be the person who always gets a good deal. People who know the value of a good sale can help keep money in their pockets. One easy way to take advantage of this tip is in the grocery store. When that cereal or other dry food is offered at a great price or as a buy-one, get-one-free deal stock up. As long as you are buying food that will last a while, you can see the savings add up by doing this.

Also, make sure you are on your preferred retailers' lists for coupons, and look out for extra money-saving coupons on anything from food to clothing to bring in the savings.

Research Planned Purchases Online

Whether you are car shopping or buying a TV, a little research can save you a lot of money. With the availability of the internet, researching products and their prices have become very simple. With online research you will know two things, are you getting a good price, and is the item worth it. Don't be shy when you are at a car dealership, to pull out your smartphone, and check what the car you are negotiating on is going for locally. It is a great way to gain leverage on purchases like this that can save you thousands of dollars.

Pay Your Bills On-Time

Everyone realizes that credit card companies make their money on fees and interest, so don't be a victim of late payments, and high interest credit cards. Make sure you pay your bills on-time, to avoid unnecessary late fees and interest rate hikes. It is a simple tip, but many people who have the money to pay on time, simply forget and end up paying these fees. Ensure that this does not happen to you by having a bill reminder system set up. Don't be that guy who gets behind and uses bad credit loans to try and catch up.

Become a Do-It-Yourselfer

Before you pick up the phone to hire a handyman, you may be able to fix simple problems by just searching on the internet or asking a friend. You will be surprised at how many qualified experts there are on sites like and other websites that offer free videos and instructions to walk you through many projects. Know your limits, but take on the things that won't put yourself in harm's way, and you may surprise yourself with what you can do yourself.

Discount Entertainment

Why pay $12 for a movie ticket, when you can get tickets to the same theater for $7? By looking for discount tickets for events near you, you can save some money while having a great time. Keep an eye out in your mail, newspaper and local area magazines to find money-saving coupons to events around you. Many times, you will find free events that you can go to for some fun.

Dress Sharp While Spending Less

Before you hit the mall for that "Big Sale" a retailer is offering, check out your local thrift store. Many people take their once expensive name brand items to thrift stores, where you can get them for 90% or more off the original price. Many thrift stores offer clothing and items for the whole family, so you can find good deals and have the savings add up.


Speak up, and you may find yourself saving a bundle. Most people know that when they go to a car dealer, negotiation is part of the process, but that is not the only place you should be ready to negotiate. People who speak up save themselves money by calling their cable company, and asking for a discount on their service before canceling. Many service companies such as mobile phone and cable services are willing to offer you a discount before losing you as a customer. If you do not ask, you will not know, but this is a quick and easy way to grab some savings.

Get it For Free

So there is a saying, "There's nothing for free." That is not always the case. Have you checked sites like, or even your local paper? Many people offer free items to the first taker. You can find anything from free couches to bags of clothing just waiting for you. Check these sources, as all some people want for their unwanted items is for you to pick them up.

Don't Buy on Impulse

The next time you see an item that you all of the sudden have to buy on impulse, control yourself, and put the money that you would've spent on the item in a savings account. If you still want the item in a few weeks or months, you will have the money, but may find it cheaper by doing your research. You might even change your mind, and realize that you do not need or even want the item. Following these simple tips will allow you to keep money in the bank, avoid a payday advance and stay ahead of the eight ball. Plan your purchases and time them to be a more educated buyer.

Plan Your Meals

While going out to a restaurant is fun and takes the worry out of what to cook, this is one of the easiest areas where you can control your spending. It is ok to eat out, but by planning your meals for the week and purchasing the items you need at the grocery store, you will be less tempted to eat out more often. In many cases, one outing to a restaurant can cost you more than what a whole week of home-cooked meals will cost. Make going out to restaurants special, but if you cook the majority of the time, the annual savings can be in the thousands. When you do need to get out and relax at a restaurant, take advantage of coupons. Stock up on great restaurant deals from sites like and others who offer 50% off or more.

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Money saving tips

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