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$100 Dollar Bill

Evolution of the $100 Dollar Bill

October 8, 2013 marked the release of Ben Franklin's modified updates to include advanced, security features intended to thwart counterfeiting.

Such revamped features of the new $100 note include a blue security ribbon, consisting of hundreds of thousands of microlenses used to determine the note's authenticity. Additionally, the new $100 bill features a copper-colored inkwell. Inside the inkwell is a Liberty Bell, which changes from copper to green (depending on your perspective).

Furthermore, the new $100 also features raised printing, microprinting, and a complete, cosmetic redesign that effectively couples aesthetics with high-security assurance. So how secure is our money now from duplication? It's extremely secure that is until someone inevitably finds a way to duplicate our cash once again.

History of $100 dollar bill

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